It’s Green on 36th Street in Tucson every day!

Do we care about “Green”? We do, begorrah!

Some folks think that the greenest you need to go in any given year is to celebrate a wee bit on St. Patrick’s Day.

We go much further than that at Black Dog. We go Green Initiative.

Y’see, we want the Earth to be a fine place a long ways down the road for the kids of today and tomorrow and beyond. 

And we know it’s hard to keep a good world unless you keep doing something to keep it good and make it better.

So here’s where we have started:

  • ALL the energy for our building and equipment is 100% solar. Gathered right outside our doors, in our parking lot. We aren’t using any environmentally costly cabling running from here to some “special spot” in northern California or Oregon. Arizona has a lot of sunshine.
  • Our printing inks are all ZERO VOC inks. Why not?
  • ALL our paper waste gets recycled. Again, why not?
  • We use only paper with a minimum of 10% Post-Consumer Waste. Makes sense, right?
  • We recycle ALL our lithographic printing plates. Why dig up more ore than we need to? 

There’s more coming up. That’s because we think responsibility is actually a cool thing. Why should responsibility be filled simply by printing well?

Consistent, practical idealism in the pressroom extends to our relationships with people and the Earth we live on.